Dear Sint,

Music Sint & Piet

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we made this website for your birthday.
Many greetings to the Piets and a kiss for your horse.
Bye, bye from all the children in Macadam - Holland & Bearvillage- America

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In the week before december the 5th, Sinterklaas - also called Sint - and Piets visit Holland.

Sint asked the Piets: "Are there naughty children in Macadam and Bearable Times?"

The Piets answered: "No, no!"

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Piets with presents on the roof.

During the night Sint rides with his white horse over the roof and brings sweets. As Sint is already 700 years old he cann't walk so fast and has a lot of Piets who assist him.

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Sint and the Piets beleaved there aren't naughty children in Macadam and Bearvillage. So everyone is allowed to put his shoe, next to the stove or at the window in the evening.

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But you have to sing a song and put something for the horse in the shoe. An apple or a carrot.

"Nicolaas remember
us on five december
Fill our little shoe
Thank you Sint & Peter"

Click song: Nicolaas remember.. Song by Greet

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Visit Sint & Piet International

Please - Sint & Piet don't forget our friends of Bearable Times; The Kids hospital Network
in Cape Cod (USA). They celebrate your birthday on december 7th 2000.
Because it is so far away from the Netherlands.
Look, we made a special boat.
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